Plugin formats: VST (Win, Mac), VST3 (Win, Mac), AU (Mac)
Operating system requirements: Mac OSX 10.9, Windows 7 and newer.
Realphones requires a software license key to work. You can activate the free demo mode, which provides the same functionality as the full version.

The trial period lasts 40 days and can be activated every 6 months.
Realphones supports the automatic activation of a trial period when you have an Internet connection.
To start the procedure, go to the Licence menu and click the Activate Online button.
Click the Request a Trial button.
Fill out the online form. You need to enter your e-mail and select no more than 3 models of headphones for which you want to connect a trial period. Your computer ID will be filled in automatically.

All files will be copied to the system automatically after you click the "Activate" button.

Congratulations on connecting the trial period of the Realphones plugin. Have a nice test!
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