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A short review of the Fostex T60RP.
Today we want to tell you about the Fostex T60RP headphones.
The standard calibration profile for this model has already been added to the supported list of Realphones.
Fostex T60RP
Fostex T60RP are headphones from the Japanese company Fostex, known for their high sound quality and unique design. They are full-size headphones that are very well-made and comfortable to wear. The cups are made of natural red wood - African mahogany.

These headphones use the company's proprietary isodynamic planar drivers with "Regular Phase" technology, which differ in design from models of other manufacturers. Fostex promises "excellent transient response" - and this is true! To the ear, Fostex drivers are completely devoid of minor "comb filtering" coloration.
The sound of these headphones without Realphones calibration is moderately bright and attractive. Music is pleasant to listen to with them. The tones are not heavily distorted, and the recording character is transmitted close to the original. The tonal balance is subjectively linear, with a slightly "rounded" sound. There is a slight emphasis on mid and mid-high frequencies. Low frequencies are reproduced quite well. Super-high frequencies are very soft and pleasant to the ear. In terms of sound, these headphones are very close to much more expensive models with planar drivers, which cost several times more than Fostex. All musical references are heard in them quite clearly.

After Realphones calibration, the tones become even more open and precise. It can be said that tonally these headphones are ideal, but at the same time they sound beautiful and attractive. Spatial qualities are good, on par with other professional models. The sound in these headphones never becomes "uncomfortable". This may be misleading and require getting used to this feature during work. Such a presentation cannot be called "monitor-like". But in fairness, it is worth noting that with Realphones, this can be compensated for by the "Environment" knob.

Despite the perfectly accurate work of the attacks and the complete absence of "mushiness" in the sound, these headphones still noticeably reduce dynamic contrasts. If you often need to work with very dynamic tracks, it may be worth looking at models from other manufacturers.