Summer Sale | 30% OFF for any Realphones 2.0 edition — Shop Now
Summer Sale | 30% OFF for any Realphones 2.0 edition — Shop Now
Unleash your mixing potential with
Realphones 2.0
Realphones 2.0 includes
• Drastically improved emulation algorithms with enhanced depth, space, and realism

• Carefully tuned setups that allow you to evaluate every aspect of your mix and easily identify and fix errors in them

• Expanded pro and high-end studio list

• A comprehensive set of non-studio devices and environments from tiny smartphones to large-scale concert halls so you can check how your mix translates to a wide range of real-life situations

• The total amount of simulated pro and consumer speaker systems exceeds 40
Adjust the sound for you
Amount of frequency response correction applied to your headphones
Emulation depth of the selected listening environment
Get a quick access to your favourite settings with snapshots
Extended features
User custom headphone calibration profiles
Standard headphone correction profile tuning
System-Wide application:
you can send an unprocessed signal to monitors
Midi-control support
Other improvements
- full native Apple Silicon support
- reduced latency
- updated GUI color themes
More features and settings in Advanced mode
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