dSONIQ Realphones
All you need for mixing with headphones
Many of you have experienced that headphone mixes sound poor in a recording studio, on home speakers, and in other places. This happens because the timber, width and space in headphones don't sound the same as on speakers.

dSONIQ Realphones software corrects the sound of your headphones and brings the acoustics of a professional recording studio, night club and car into them. With Realphones, your headphones turn into a reliable monitoring tool for mixing tracks that you can trust.

How does Realphones technology work?

Headphone frequency response correction

Through our research since 2015, we have created an advanced multi-stage technology that achieves highly accurate headphone measurements. The results are as close as possible to what a person hears in reality.

Realphones headphone frequency response correction allows you to hear a linear sound with minimal unwanted colouration.
Currently, Realphones supports about 200 headphone models, and we are constantly working to expand this list: https://dsoniq.com/standard
A professional studio control room in your headphones
In a professional studio, sound engineers use near, mid, and far field monitors to get a clear idea of what's going on in the mix.

Realphones emulates a real high-end large control room designed by American architect Tom Hidley and remodeled by British acoustician Roger d'Arcy.

Night club and car cabin for mix-checking

Nightclubs are equipped with powerful subwoofers, and they can reveal low-frequency issues that you might not even know when working on a track in the studio.

Club emulation in Realphones will help you avoid typical mistakes associated with an excess of low frequencies and understand how well your track will "pump" in a club.

It's a common habit for sound engineers to test mixes in their own car. This allows them to look from a different point of view, since good car speakers sound "fat" and "juicy", unlike neutral studio speakers.

Also, many people listen to music in the car and are used to that sound, so it's never a bad idea to check out your mixes with Realphones car emulation.

More tools for mix-checking
Modeling the sound of various models of professional monitors and consumer audio speakers
Check how your mix behaves under different listening conditions

Choose which Realphones you will have

Lite Pack
$ 65
•Realphones plug-in (VST/AU/AAX)

Full functionality except standard¹ headphone calibration profiles
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Ultimate Pack
•Realphones plug-in (VST/AU/AAX)

•Unlimited selection of standard¹ headphone calibration profiles for all supported models

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