The Realphones software helps you get precise headphone monitoring that you can trust.
Launch Realphones
and dive into the sound
Feel like a pro sound engineer in a studio
Use all its features to make great mixes
Launch Realphones
and dive into the sound
Feel like a pro sound engineer in a studio
Use all its features to make great mixes
Improve the quality of your mixes with precise
monitoring with Realphones
Choose any of the four professional recording studios for your work.
Try out how your music sounds on consumer devices, cars, cafes, and concert places without leaving where you work.
Realphones include emulations of 10 different environments and over 30 professional and home acoustic systems.
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Thanks to the research we have been conducting since 2015,
we have developed a sophisticated multi-stage headphone measurement technology that ensures highly precise results.
At the moment, Realphones supports over 200 popular headphone models.
Correcting the frequency response of your headphone model will allow you to hear a linear sound with minimal coloration.

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  • TC Zhou
    Recording, mixing, mastering engineer
    Founder of Studio 21A
    Bejing, China

    The sound I experienced from dSONIQ closely resembles what I'm accustomed to in my studio. Having never tried this type before, the outcome exceeded my expectations, delivering a more authentic and satisfactory sound, leaving me with a positive impression.

  • Nicolas Schuele
    Film and television composer
    Apple TV, Netflix, National Geographic, Discovery, NBC, France Television, BBC
    Switzerland, Geneva

    Realphones allowed me to mix on headphones an entire feature film including dialogues, effects, and 78 music stems, while being confident that what I was hearing was the truth. The result translates perfectly, from the cheapest of earbuds to a Dolby cinema.

  • David Gnozzi
    Platinum mixing engineer, Producer
    Deep Purple, McSolaar, Ministry, Ryan Shuck (Orgy, Adema, Julien-K), Ladytron
    Los Angeles, USA

    I want to say the studio emulations are very useful. You have a bunch of different references but the different media emulations to me are what make this software extremely useful regardless if you mix on the headphones or not.

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