dSONIQ Realphones

A complete mixing workspace in your headphones
dSONIQ Realphones re-creates acoustic environment of recording studio control room in your headphones and corrects their frequency response. With Realphones, your headphones will turn into a reliable monitoring tool for mixing tracks that you can trust.

Everything you missed for sound mixing using headphones!

A meticulously picked set of features will help you understand how your track will sound at a studio or elsewhere without taking your headphones off.
  • correction of the frequency response of the headphones,
    (see the list of supported models)
  • emulation of a studio control room with professional near- and far-field monitoring,
  • binaural virtual positioning based on HRTF,
  • frequency response simulation of professional and home/consumer audio reproduction systems,
  • functionality for monitoring spatial and frequency components of the mix

How does Realphones technology work?

Alignment of a headphone's frequency response.

Alignment of a headphone's frequency response.
Frequency response graphs of individual samples of six popular professional studio headphone models.

Peaks and dips lead to errors in timbre and musical balance and cause frequency masking.
(more headphone frequency response graphs)
Alignment of a headphone's frequency response.
Frequency response grаphs of the same samples after Realphones Standard frequency correction was applied.

The even response allows you to get a more reliable transfer of timbre and musical balance.
Virtual acoustic space
Conventional headphones' stereo reproduction
Phone transducers are located close to the ears and are acoustically isolated from each other.

  • Imaginary sound sources are spaced too widely and not joined into a solid soundstage
  • The spectral balance between the center and sides is disturbed
  • An absence of room response leads to a dry and thin sound
Binaural Angle set to 60°
Psychoacoustic virtual source placement matches the reproduction of a standard studio monitor setup.

  • The representation of the mix and its components becomes solid.
  • The level and frequency balance between the centre and sides is reconstructed.
  • Proper localisation and interaction of the sound sources is necessary for creative work on the width and depth of the mix.
Room Ambience set to 100%
The binaurally captured ambience of professional studio control rooms is added to the dry headphone sound.

  • The mix is reproduced in the context of real room acoustics.
  • The body, transients and space of the mix are revealed.
  • Room reflections provide points to tweak the levels, equalisation, space and effects for a better mix translation
    Mix Testing Tools

    Modelling of diverse sets of pro and consumer audio speakers
    Verify behaviour of your mix across a wide range of simulated speakers.
    Controls for various aspects of the stereo mix
    Test mono compatibility, left-right symmetry, single-speaker playback and the side anti-phase component.
    How can Realphones benefit you personally?
    Do you lack a suitable accoustically treated space? Do you have to work on mixing tracks at home, in a room with terrible background noise and reverb, and even professional monitors aren't enough to get the results you want?
    With the Realphones plugin the possibilities for mixing on headphones approach the conditions of a professional recording studio's control room. You'll be able to trust your monitoring, making the mixing process much simpler. And your family and neighbors will no longer have to put up with intrusive sounds and loud music.
    So you have access to a professional audio studio, and you're not sure how you would benefit from Realphones?
    You'll be able to use Realphones for supplementary monitoring in the studio, and also as a primary tool for working on tracks outside it.
    In studios with unfamiliar acoustics you will always have access to the controls you're used to.
    Modes for emulating various audio devices help you determine how your mixes would sound on consumer speakers, systems with a powerful subwoofer or portable devices, without even getting up from your desk.
    Do you travel a lot?
    The Realphones plugin is ideal for working on mixes on the road and when traveling. All you need is the plugin, headphones, and a laptop. Realphones is honest monitoring that's easy to take on the go.

    Choose which Realphones you will have

    Lite Pack
    $ 65
    •Realphones plug-in (VST/AU)

    Full functionality except standard¹ headphone calibration profiles
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    Ultimate Pack
    •Realphones plug-in (формат VST/AU)

    •Unlimited selection of standard¹ headphone calibration profiles for all supported models

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    ¹ Frequency response profiles for a specific headphone model. Obtained on the basis of averaging the measurements of the headphones of one model. The number of supported headphone models is currently over 90
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